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Mille Miglia

Eligible Cars

The models eligible to take part in the Mille Miglia are those of which at least one specimen took part - or completed the registration formalities - in one of the speed races (1927-1957).

Each car accepted for the 2016 race was allocated a coefficient which will then be multiplied by the points obtained by its drivers during the race.

The coefficients are allocated after careful consideration of the year of design and the technical, sporting and historical features of each individual model; the total coefficient of each model is calculated using the mathematical formula below, adding up the partial coefficients related to period, class and category:

coefficient = 1 + { Period + Class + Category} + { MM Factor (event.) + MM Bonus (event.)}

. The coefficient table is published below: beside the name of the model are details of the period, category and class the vehicle belongs to.

. The values and the method used in the calculation can be found in: "Determination of Coefficients Mille Miglia 2016".

. The cars which won in their Class or Category, are indicated in: "Mille Miglia Classifications 1927-1957".

. The complete list of the cars, with the years in which they took part in the race and the classes and categories they competed in, can be found in: "All Mille Miglia 1927/1957 Cars ".